About Me

My love for baking and decorating cookies started out how many people start out in the bakery business, in our family kitchen decorating Christmas cookies. My sisters, Joan and Susan, and I would help my Mom bake the cookies and would then sit at the dining table surrounded by colorful bowls of icing, toothpicks and table knives.

Soon school, work and a hectic lifestyle got in the way of my love for decorating sugar cookies until I had my own daughter, Kate. For Kate’s second birthday party, I asked my sister Susan, who is a brilliant cake decorator and cookier, for her favorite cookie and icing recipes so I could make some kitty cookies for Kate’s “Kitty Cat Luncheon” party. After that, I was hooked and found myself making cookies for any event I could find.

By January of 2018, I knew I had found a way to incorporate my creativity and love of cookie decorating with my 25 years within the retail industry and make a business doing what I love. People want a beautiful experience, from the website to the packaging, cookie design to the actual cookie itself. And I was confident that I could provide such a product.

By October 2018, I founded Vignette Bake Shop, an online bakery specializing in custom decorated sugar cookies and sweets. With the success of my first holiday season and a major revision to the Maryland Cottage Law, I decided to revise my focus in 2019 to clients within Maryland and local events.

Starting February 2019, Vignette Bake Shop will operate under the revised Maryland Cottage Food Law (amendment HB 1106) where all cookies will be baked, decorated and packaged out of my home in Gaithersburg, MD. Though this will limit the shipment of orders to only customers residing within the state of Maryland, it will allow me more time to work on additional “finishing touches” for each cookie as well as additional online content to share with customers on my website and social media sites (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest). Additional shipping and delivery updates will include the new option of utilizing a local delivery service within Montgomery County, MD, and significantly lower shipping costs via USPS regional ship rates.

I hope you love my cookies as much as I love making them for you!

About Vignette Bake Shop

(Almost) Too Pretty to Eat

Every Vignette Bake Shop cookie is made with love and a passion for perfection. My goal is to surprise and delight customers with not only a cookie that tastes great, but is also beautiful.  My cookies are made in small batches, all designed, cut, decorated lovingly by hand. Each cookie is then individually wrapped in a clear, biodegradable cello bag, heat sealed and then placed into either a luxe window gift box (for gift sets) or a recycled Kraft packing box. This laborsome process takes time but allows me the opportunity to provide my customers with delicious, authentically handcrafted works of art to eat.

Simple, High Quality Ingredients

Vignette Bake Shop is committed to providing customers with the most delicious cookies by using only the highest quality, simple ingredients. Organic is important in my household, therefore I only use organic eggs, butter and sugar in my recipes. The flavors really come through by using Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract and organically grown Heilala Pure Vanilla Bean Paste from New Zealand. Fresh orange zest is used in my Orange Vanilla cookies and 100% gourmet, Dutch processed baking cocoa in my Rich Chocolate cookies.

Striving To Be Green

Vignette Bake Shop uses cello bags that are made from 100% clear compostable cellulose found in wood fibers taken exclusively from sustained forests. I use Kraft packing boxes* that are 100% recycled and tissue paper and shreds made from 100% Post Industrial Recycled Fibers. I also use biodegradable starch packing peanuts, which decompose in water, leaves no toxic waste and are FDA compliant.

*Please note that our luxe window gift boxes are not made of recycled materials… yet! My long-term goal is to be able to source all “green” packaging while still providing a beautiful, luxe presentation for my customers.

Why the name “Vignette”?

In design, a “vignette” is a small collection of items that creates a focal point and “tells a story”. This has always been how I viewed my cookie creations- something beautiful and thoughtfully made to honor the occasion.