Pricing and Policies

My pricing is based on the size of the cookie and the level of detail and complexity. I work with a mix of cookie sizes and try my best to work with various budgets whenever possible. Therefore, I can build your order based on your budget (top-down approach) or by design theme and cookie count (bottom-up approach). Please note there is a $20 minimum for your total order.

Please refer to the pricing chart below to estimate pricing for cookie orders:

Level of Detail and Complexity

  • Basic: 1-3 colors and consistencies of icing, no hand-cutting, minimal piping
  • Detailed: 4-6 icing colors and consistencies, no hand-cutting, simple details, airbrushing, personalization (names/initials, event dates), a few hand-painted details
  • Elaborate: 7 or more colors of icing, may or may not be hand cut, several piped details, layers of airbrushing, fondant details, logos, lots of painted details

The final pricing may fluctuate slightly based on details agreed upon and stated on final invoice.


All cancellations must be made at least two weeks before the confirmed ship date to ensure a full refund. A refund cannot be made on orders canceled without a two-week prior notification. If supplies are purchased that are made exclusively for your order (such as custom cutters, custom stencils, or edible images), the cost of these items will be deducted from your refund. These non-refundable items will be stated on your invoice.


Rush orders placed within seven days of the confirmed ship date will be charged a rush fee of $10- depending on the order size and level of complexity. Rush orders are unavailable for orders placed three days before the ship date.

 Shipping & Handling

The weight sets the shipping fees, shipment speed (Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express), and distance from the bake shop (Moseley, VA). The price includes postage, insurance, and tracking and will be provided on your custom order proposal. Shipping starts at $8.55 and up for regional orders.

You will receive a tracking number once the order package has been shipped. Please note that USPS does not guarantee the delivery date or insure against breakage. Therefore, I can only guarantee that I will ship orders on an agreed-upon date.

If you live in Chesterfield County, Virginia, you may also select to have your order delivered directly to your home for a $5 delivery fee. There is no delivery charge if returned within the Fox Fire, Woodlake, or Foxcroft communities in Chesterfield County, Virginia. These are no-contact deliveries where the courier driver will leave orders where requested and refrain from socializing with individuals they may encounter.

All cookies are individually bagged in compostable cello bags and heat-sealed for freshness and protection. For collections and favors, cookies are wrapped in recycled tissue paper and carefully placed in packing boxes. For our boxed gift sets, the individually bagged cookies are placed in a window gift box lined with recycled shred and then wrapped in tissue paper. The packing boxes and gift set boxes are then placed into a shipping box further padded by biodegradable starch packing peanuts. I take great care to ensure your cookies arrive safe and sound, but I cannot guarantee that damage won’t occur.

Please let me know if you have a corporate shipping account you’d like to use for your order (such as a corporate FedEx account).

Allergen Notice

While the ingredients listed on the packaging may or may not list potential allergens, my cookies are made on equipment that has come into contact with potential allergens such as soy, dairy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs. You agree to notify your guests of this risk and hold Vignette Bake Shop harmless for allergic reactions.